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Paper Stems creates  paper flowers for bridal showers, weddings, store displays, home interiors and special events.


Every flower is handmade, unique and can be customized to your specific choice of color, size and flower.  While I do have my favorites, I love a challenge and finding new techniques to suit your needs is my passion.


Thanks for visiting my site!   I hope to speak to you soon.


My passion for making paper flowers began with needing decorations for a friends wedding shower and wedding. Making paper flowers combined my love of gardening and all things paper.  As a child, I saved every birthday card ever received and I have always loved working in the garden.   As an adult, my love for both continued.


Paper Stems was founded in 2013 with support and encouragement of my family and friends.  I love the art of cutting and shaping paper to create beautiful, unique flowers.

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1037 Longridge Road, Oakland, CA 94610

Lisa@PaperStems.com  /  Tel. 415-218-9582

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